The project is for children emigrants between 5 and 15 years of age.
You can register for the project via the link.
In order to join the classes, you will need a computer and access to the Internet, a microphone and a camera
The groups are comprised of children living in the same country and of the same age group and equal language proficiency. Each group will enlist only 5-6 students.
Classes are administered by prior agreement with group members, and at a time suitable for the students.
Lessons are provided twice a week.
The lessons are conducted by certified, working teachers who are provided by additional training within the programme to enhance their technical and methodical skills for distance online teaching.
Teachers develop curricula and resources according to language proficiency levels of students.
In case of missing a class, please notify a teacher or a coordinator in advance.
Teacher sends a video material of the missed class as well as an assignment to the student. Teacher answers if there are questions.